700-019 fast thinner

Thinner – 700-019 Fast

Printcolor 700-019 is a fast universal thinner for pad print inks.

The official technical stuff from Printcolor
700-019 is a universal thinner suitable for use in all Printcolor pad printing inks, particularly in closed cup applications as well as open ink well machines.  700-019 has been developed for fast drying on the substrate and high speed print production.  It is added at a ratio of 10 – 20% by weight to attain the ideal ink viscosity and transfer under production conditions.

The fast evaporative rate of 700-019 is designed to speed print transfer and drying in high speed print cycles with short processing times.  Printcolor 700-019 is formulated from solvents chosen to minimise chemical attack on printing pads.  Its gentle wear on pad surfaces facilitates trouble free print transfer and longer pad life.  Refer to the Technical Information and 700-019 MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Printcolor 700-019
It is not a paint thinner, nor its it a screen ink thinner.  Printcolor 700-019 is specifically formulated to thin ink used for pad printing.  700-019 thinner is Quality Assured to ISO 9002 Standards and offers the best value for money on the market.

700-019 is a mixture of highly efficient solvent with a fast evaporation rate that facilitates a quick ink tack-off on the pad and fast drying on the print substrate.  Printcolor 700-019 is a popular thinner for rotary pad printing and ink-cup machines and can be mixed with other 700 Series thinner to vary ink speeds to achieve the very best printing results under your production conditions.  700-019 is also useful in slow drying inks and will help to maximise print transfer speed in Series 750 and 792 for example.

Available in 1L and 5L DG approved plastic jerry containers and 20L drums with screw tap threads.

The good oil from our trade print room

  • Being in a warm climate, we rarely need to speed up ink transfer on hand feed printing jobs.  Series 700-792 is the one ink we regularly use 700-019 in exclusively.
  • In cooler climates, 700-019 is very useful for maintaining print transfer speeds in slower two component inks like Series 750, 754 and 784.
  • Used in combination with 700-017 medium thinner 700-019 helps fine tune print transfer in multi colour print cycles, and full transfer of large areas of solid colour.
  • We find a little regular thinning maintains print speed and quality better (especially over long runs) than pouring in thinners only when the ink gets too thick to print.
  • Using the correct speed thinner is important.  Use one that’s too slow for the job and you’ll have to slow down the cycle speed and/or use an air blast to get the print to transfer.
  • If you find you’re having to add quantities of thinner frequently, alternate with medium thinner to improve ink rheology.
  • Using super cheap thinner is like frying steak in water; you will cook it but you won’t want to eat it!  Printcolor thinner is not expensive, we’ve made sure of that.  Buy a litre, try it and see what a difference it makes to your print quality, job set-up times, productivity and general level of happiness in the print room.

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