The Cutting Edge of Screen Printing

Supplies without drama!

As a screen printer, you know the problem…

  • Your customers want a quality, durable print that looks great.
  • You need to be able to produce it easily and at minimum cost.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a supplier who is interested in helping achieve those two goals, rather than simply shipping product and sending an invoice? With our expertise in “ink and its application”, we are here to help you do just that.


A solid foundation for your work.

While there are many complexities in the screen printing process, our focus here at Colour Components is on supplying you with the two critical tools that MUST be right: inks and squeegees. 

The best machinery on the market won’t deliver sharp, quality prints consistently or quickly if you are forced to regularly stop to change swollen or damaged blades.  That’s why we searched until we found a squeegee that retains a sharp, true printing edge for longer, and is highly resistant to the solvents that lead to swelling and softness which cause poor print quality. Find out more about The Edge Squeegee Range.

Even the best tradesman will struggle to fulfill customer expectations with a lesser quality ink that produces poor print coverage, dull inaccurate colour or wears quickly under normal use.  Once we found Printcolor High Performance Inks we never used anything else.  Printcolor inks have the highest opacity of any on the market, they produce accurate colour matches and have a comprehensive range with which you can print everything from food packaging and pharmaceuticals to glassware, moulded parts, tonneau covers and bottle closures. Find out more about Printcolor High Performance Inks.


What we can do for you.

As a national supplier to screen printers throughout Australia and New Zealand, you can be sure that the ink and supplies we send to you will perform as promised, and we will be here to give you technical information and practical support whenever you need it — enabling you to do high quality work at lower per-job cost. That’s got to be good for your bottom line, and peace of mind!

Contact us, it sounds corny, but our business is based on service, and we really are happy to help.

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