We’re about ink and its application.

Here at Colour Components, we help pad and screen printers both in Australia and New Zealand to print more efficiently and more profitably by supplying them with the best possible printing supplies and equipment for their application.
Whether you want to improve daily job throughput, eliminate the need to ‘double hit’ on your pad printing line, or find a way out of hit and miss colour matching, we have the products, service and support you need.
Our range of ink and machinery solutions are on our website because they met our high standards for quality and performance, and we are absolutely confident that they will do the job as promised.

Screen Printing

  • UV and solvent screen printing inks for every application including foos packaging, backlit signs, automotive parts, fleet graphics, security card printing and special effects prints for example
  • ‘The Edge’ high performance squeegee
  • Telephone and on-line support from people who have years of hands-on experience `with Printcolor products.

Pad Printing

  • UV and solvent pad printing inks for every application including cosmetic packaging, bottle caps and closures, automotive components, medical products, glassware, promotional and toy printing for example.
  • Pad printing machinery for every task in the wine, plastics and promotional product printing industries. A complete range, from small bench top machines through to large, high-speed printing machinery for production line facilities.
  • High quality, economical, and long lasting Australian Made Maestro pad printing pads
  • Full range of pad printing plates cut and punched to suit most machines
  • Ceramic ink cup doctoring rings for all brands and sizes of printer ink cups
  • Telephone and on-line support from people who have years of hands-on experience with Printcolor products and TOSH printers.


  • UV curing units and systems
  • Desktop laser printer film systems
  • Consumables like mixing sticks and cups, gloves etc.
  • Solvent wash-up unit for printer parts
  • Pre-press and film services
  • Backup support and training for pad printers
  • Spare parts, servicing and support for our machines and products Australia wide.

Why Change?

We have years of practical, hands-on experience on the print shop floor. We know the every-day production challenges you face and are passionate about helping you print more easily, efficiently and cheaply than you have ever done before. How? By introducing you to the best value range of ink and machinery solutions on the market, proven to perform in competitive commercial applications, and helping you learn how to use them well.
That’s why we are happy to talk to you on the phone, answer emails, or drop in to see you to solve problems and answer technical questions about ink, machinery or any other aspect of pad or screen-printing.

Contact us now and tell us how we can help.

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