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Award Winning Trade Printing Services

When unusual jobs come along, we can help you to say “yes” more often! Rather than sending your customer to another printer (and putting future orders at risk!), Let us help you with our multi-award winning trade printing services. Read more about our sister company; Colour Crew.

No one likes to ‘farm out’ orders. There are always doubts… Will the prints be up to standard? Will my client be poached? Will that expensive product and gift box come back looking ‘handled’ and a bit second-hand? Don’t despair. We understand your concerns and want you to know that when you have a job that is out side of your machine capacity (or your comfort zone), there is someone you can trust to do the printing for you – without risking your QA standards, your client, or your product. With a trusted trade-partner to help, everyone wins;

  • You build stronger relationships with clients by always saying ‘yes’ to orders, and following through by delivering quality printed jobs
  • Your clients will be confident you can fill any order they send and will, in turn, say ‘yes’ to more of their client requests
  • We get to deliver to you 1000s of examples of durable, glossy Printcolor ink, printed on your very own product. Not to mention hard, printed proof of why you should have a TOSH pad printer on your print room floor!

Pad Print Training

We are ALWAYS happy to help, so if you have a question about a tricky print job, feel free to give us a call for advice.

If you are new to the printing business and need an intensive ‘how-to’ session we can help with training on everything from jig and plate making to multi-colour printing. If you haven’t the time to show a new team member to ropes, or just want to run a refresher course to improve your level of in-house expertise, we are happy and able to assist.


It’s not just a line… We really are happy to help,
because printing is our passion.   (How nerdy is that!)

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