Square Printing Pads

The ‘Maestro’ Range of Pad Printing Pads

Rather than using meaningless generic numbers and letters, our Maestro pad range is coded by pad shape and size to make identification easy and logical. For example, a small rectangular pad with an overall print surface of 60mm long by 42mm wide is coded: RE6042. This will help you to quickly narrow down your choices for a job just with a glance at the product code.

All pads are available in all durometers, refer to the Maestro Pads Information page for details.

To make choosing your pad even easier, we have included a 10 cent coin in each product picture. This will give you a sense of scale when browsing the shapes. Each pad description also includes a schematic drawing indicating pad width, length and overall height (including the ply base).

If you need a special shape for a project, or can’t find an old favorite, don’t despair! Colour Components have an in-house modelling service and will happily design or reproduce the printing pad you need.

To order call 1300 196 156.

SQ75 Square Printing Pad

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