Plate Making for Pad Printing

Exposure Systems and Plate Making Supplies

A properly processed plate is essential for quality print production. It is therefore important to have a user-friendly, efficient and reliable plate making system.

Your UV exposure frame is used day in and day out, and is a critical link in your work flow. If you take a chance on a cheap buy, there is the constant worry of not being able to produce usable plates consistently, or at all. When you are making plates, is the unit exposing consistently or are you sometimes getting shallow or uneven etch depth? Is the vacuum sufficient, or are you sometimes seeing blotchy or patchy processing? Plate making is too important to your productivity not to choose a quality TOSH exposure unit or plate processing system. Once you have installed it, you can just forget about it and get on with what makes you money – printing!
We also stock plate making consumables such as kreen (vacuum) sheet, plush cloth and screen film.

If you need assistance with plate making Contact us, we’re happy to help!

TOSH Exposure unit

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