LaserBlack© Desktop Film Enhancer

Film Output From Your Desktop Laser Printer

Now you can produce film from your laser printer quickly and easily, with density and detail previously unachievable with laser film!

LaserBlack® is the first desktop film system to produce print-ready film in minutes without using hazardous chemicals, messy sprays, or costly equipment.  LaserBlack® enhances laser printed transparencies by increasing image density, making output suitable for exposing silkscreens or photopolymer plates used in screen and pad printing.

Simply print your image from your desktop laser printer, then run it though the LaserBlack® unit and dry with the heat gun. You have just produced your first plate-ready film for as little as 55¢ (not the $15 to $20 you would expect to pay for imagesetter film).  With LaserBlack® you can produce positive or negative films quickly, easily and cheaply with an image density (D Max) suitable for exposing silk screens and polymer plate.  It’s perfect for most pad printing , screen printing and label printing applications.  Watch the demo movie.

Printers talk about their success with LaserBlack®

“LaserBlack has slashed our cost of negs dramatically.  We save money every time we use it, and it gives us much more flexibility.  I highly recommend it.” K Rezvani, Los Angeles, USA

“For the quality we require for screen and pad printing jobs, LaserBlack is perfect.  We use it with our HP laser printer and find the density and reproduction of detail and dot is good, and for around 5 percent of the price we were paying for imagesetter film.” J Gordon, Nerang. Australia

“LaserBlack puts our old toner spray system to shame.  Not only does it make the image twice as dense but it also fills small gaps in the toner.” J Madden, California, USA

“I’ve seen other in-house systems and wasn’t impressed with the quality, so I was sceptical at first.  But now we use LaserBlack film for many of our label jobs and just about all our pad printing work.  It is quicker and less hassle than sending out for film, and it definitely saves us money”  G Parker, Capalaba, Australia

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