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Printcolor Series 747

Series 747 UV Pad Printing Ink

Printcolor 747 is a one component UV cured pad printing ink for most plastics, metals, glass and coated surfaces.

The official technical stuff from Printcolor
Series 747 combines the super-gloss finish, fast curing time and extremely high chemical and abrasion resistance of UV-cured inks with the vivid colour and coverage Printcolor pad printing inks are known for.  Designed for functional printing on bulk manufactured products such as cosmetic packaging, toys, medical and pharmaceutical devices, automotive parts and other industrial applications requiring high chemical and abrasion resistance.  Printcolor 747 instant curing and almost universal adhesion range makes it an excellent choice for commercial and promotional product printers where print-to-pack deadlines are frequently squeezed.  Series 747 is suited to a wide range of plastics including pre-treated Polypropylene and Polyethylene, most most plastic and coated substrates, and most metal surfaces.  Series 747 has Class VI Certification for application on medical and surgical components; download the Technical Information for more details.

Find out about our great range of UV Curing Units.  Everything from small desktop conveyors to integrated industrial systems, these quality, German made units are the perfect partner for Printcolor UV inks.  Refer to the Technical Information and Series 747 MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Printcolor 747
It’s a real luxury for a commercial printer to have a product fall straight into a shipping box at the end of the press and send it off that afternoon with complete confidence the print will arrive undamaged and look great for the life of the product.  What’s more, customers love the super high gloss finish that only UV inks can give, making 747 an excellent ink for retail packaging and lifestyle products.

Thinner: 700-019 thinner – addition ratio 15 – 20% by weight for closed cup
Accelerator: 700-041 – addition ratio 15 – 20% by weight for closed cup
Retarder: 700-017 thinner – addition ratio 15 – 20% by weight

The good oil from our trade print room

  • Printcolor 747 is super easy to use in ink cup and even open ink well machines shielded from daylight.
  • If you run out of the good stuff, 747 can be used with standard pad printing thinner.
  • Ideal for on-line printing on high speed manufacturing or plastic moulding lines.
  • A real time saver for commercial and promotional printers who wish to print and re-pack immediately.
  • Ink adhesion and wear resistance is unbelievably good, even on the finest printed details.

Mixing recipes available in the Printcolor Colour Mix Calculator – here

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