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Schuster heat press clamshell design


Schuster Presses – Made in Germany

We’re very excited to be working with Schuster Transferpressen of Germany, who have been developing and manufacturing heat press machinery for the global printing market since 1989. The rapid growth of dye sublimation printing in both large and small scale production houses has created demand for lighter manual and pneumatic operated heat presses which Schuster is well placed to meet in terms of build quality, value for money and design efficiencies.  Schuster has expanded its product range greatly to include small clam shell heat presses for the niche printer, right through to large format heat presses for all-over printing and mass production of everything from heat transfers on t-shirts to sublimated MDF board.

Staying Competitive in a Changing Market

Today there are hundreds of different products and materials available for small format dye sublimation. Product thickness varies from less than 1mm for the traditional t-shirt to 50mm or more of consumer items like phone covers, thongs and mouse mats. Demand for large scale sublimation is also on the rise, and it’s not just for all-over prints on apparel but includes hard materials like MDF board for signs, plaques and art pieces.  It’s a difficult to stay competitive in an evolving market unless you have machinery flexible enough to accommodate a variety of substrates and techniques.  For these reasons Schuster have been developing a range of heat presses that can meet changing production demands while improving efficiency.  These feature;

  • micanite heating systems. The tight intervals of the heating wires across the entire heating surface guarantees an absolutely even distribution of temperature up to the edges of the heat platen, essential for flawless large format production
  • easy access to the platen for efficient positioning of the substrate and motif, unobstructed by guard mountings or side rails
  • a unique bottom plate design with height adjustment up to 125mm to print thicker substrates for production flexibility
  • an overflow catchment where overlapping garments can be stored under the bottom plate away from the heat source, accumulated dust and moving parts
  • a host of specialist platens for mounting a variety of products for large format one-up work and for printing smaller objects on mass


Why Consider a Schuster Heat Press?

Value, reliability and flexibility – that’s why.

Schuster heat presses are excellent value for money. Built from the highest quality material and heating elements, these efficient machines guarantee perfect print quality over a long service life even in demanding 24/7 production environments.  The exacting temperature control, even heating all the way to the edge of the platen and uniform pressure mean Schuster presses are not only useful for dye sublimation transfer, they are also highly suitable for flock coating and drying of directly printed materials.

High quality pneumatic and electrical plates from global suppliers means you will always have local access to spare parts in the event of damage, but otherwise your Schuster heat press will be virtually maintenance free.  Attention to ergonomics and sound design mean Schuster heat presses are are reliable, safe and super efficient to use.  Micanite heating technology means the platen will heat more quickly and evenly,  careful design isolating of the hot parts prevents accidental burns while maintaining unobstructed access to the platen for efficient placement of your substrate and motif.

There are several features that set Schuster heat presses apart from their competitors, these include;

  • the quality of the heating elements and their tight distribution through the heat platen
  • the perfectly smooth pre-tempered platen
  • easy to access digital controls and machine adjustments
  • ergonomic design for increase efficiency and reduced operator fatigue
  • excellent value for money delivered over a their long service life.

Let’s look at each of these key features in more detail.

Heat Platen

The heat platen is the most important component of a heat press.  These key features are of critical importance to consistently achieving quality full size prints:

  • Even distribution of temperature: For this purpose Schuster use micanite heating systems. The heating wires of these systems are distributed in tight intervals across the entire heating surface and thus guarantee an absolutely even distribution of temperature right up to the edges of the heat platen.  Using the tight fine wire heating grids also ensures the platen heats rapidly and will achieve operational temperature more quickly than the more common cast-in tubular heating elements.
  • Equal distribution of pressure: Schuster use high-quality cast aluminium plates for the utmost smoothest finish to the platen surface. In addition the plates are subjected to a thermal pretreatment (tempering) process to prevent distortion of the plates even after many years of heavy use.
  • Non-stick sheet metal: The heat platen is fitted with a non-stick metal sheet.  This protects the expensive aluminium plate against damage and can easily and economically be replaced if necessary. Our Teflon-coated sheet metal plates possess better anti-stick features compared to standard metal plates and are available as accessories for all Schuster press sizes.

Input Controls

All Schuster heat presses, even the smallest manual bench-top models, are equipped with digital temperature and timer controls.  Both printing and pre-heating times can be adjusted in order to achieve optimum temperature for the material to be printed before the actual printing cycle begins.

Slide Bearings

The pivot points of all Schuster presses, even our smaller units, are equipped with high-quality, maintenance-free slide bearings of German manufacture.  These bearings ensure life long operation of your press without any rattling or creaking, while demanding very little effort from the operator to achieve full pressure.  Quality bearings mean you can print faster, for longer with less operator fatigue.

Air Consumption

Schuster presses fitted for pneumatic operation are designed to consume as little air as possible while achieving the consistent high pressure required for quality printing.  A compressor with suction power of at least 40 litres/minute and a container volume of 15 litres is sufficient for the operation of our presses (see Technical Information for individual press details).

Base Plate

The bottom plate of the heat press is called a base plate, and is where the substrate (e.g. a t-shirt) and motif is arranged for printing.  Schuster offer base plates in various sizes for different applications and can customise these plates to suit your production requirements.


A lot of careful thought has gone into the design of each Schuster heat press to make it possible for you to process even large orders efficiently and tirelessly, and with complete safety.  It’s the small details like smooth-running bearings, favourable press leverage, and ergonomically aligned instruments and adjustment controls that allow Schuster to deliver on this promise.

A Printer for Life

Purchasing a heat press is a long-term investment so it’s important to ensure you’re getting value for money.  Schuster heat presses are not manufactured down to a price point, but up to a standard that will ensure the best possible print quality over the longest possible service life.  What does that mean for you?  Well, you may save a few dollars on the ticket price buying a cheapish “basic” press, but we know from experience you’ll never regret your decision to pay a just a little more now, when when your Schuster press is still giving you consistent and high quality, trouble free prints many years from now.


We are very confident that Schuster heat presses offer a value-for-money, high quality range of heat transfer printing machinery that suit Australian and New Zealand printers perfectly.  Whether you need a  swing away platen, or a sliding table configuration or even a large format table press, Schuster heat presses will deliver trouble free service for many, many years.  If you would like to discuss your hear printing application, or see a Schuster heat press in action, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Contact us, we’re ALWAYS happy to help.

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