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Transfer printing; creating flexibility and opening new markets

Demand for branded merchandise continues to grow at record rates and printing technologies have moved swiftly to keep pace.  Improvements in ink formulations, printer hardware, transfer mediums, custom pallets and heat presses themselves means more products than ever before are available for transfer printing.

Our team at Colour Components has spent the past two years visiting manufacturers across Europe and the US and attending international trade shows to talk to the worlds leading suppliers of transfer printing technologies.  We are very excited to now be finalising agencies to supply printers in Australia and New Zealand with some of the best sublimation and transfer consumables and machinery available.

Heat presses designed to print safely and efficiently,
to be more versatile, and to make you more profit

Like many things in business you can spend as little or as much as you wish on a heat press.  While the immediate dollar savings of a low cost press is obvious the benefits of investing in a better quality machine are not always as easy to qualify.  While budget heat presses have their place, commercial printers may find savings on the ticket price are quickly eclipsed by the inefficiencies of slow, poorly engineered, under powered and often unreliable heat presses.

At Colour Components we have always believed that the biggest consideration when purchasing production equipment is value for money, not ticket price.  As such we are very happy to partner with Schuster Transferpressen of Germany, who have been designing and manufacturing heat presses since 1989.
Schuster Heat Presses are designed to deliver the even pressure and consistent temperature required for high quality sublimation printing, and are also highly suitable for flock coating and drying direct prints on materials.  The Schuster range includes small manual presses for the niche printer, right through to large format presses for all-over shirt and cut-and-sew sublimation to multiple-up production of everything from tees to sublimated MDF board.

The enormous value-for-money of a Schuster heat press comes from its design.  Operators can safely and quickly position substrate and motif on a platen that is, uniquely, unobstructed by hot parts, guard mountings or side rails, thus reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity.  Thanks to Schuster’s distinctive height adjustable base plate (0 up to 125mm) and custom platens, you can widen your market from tees and totes to include photographic plaques and promotional items like phone covers and flip flops, and print them all on the one heat press.

The excellent ergonomics, efficient operation and minimal air and power consumption of a Schuster heat press mean you can print more in less time, with less labour and on a wider variety of items  – everything you need to be profitable in a highly competitive market.

Meeting demand for short run custom prints at a reasonable price

Colour Components is currently finalising partnerships with suppliers for heat transfer media, consumables and sublimatable product.   Watch this space for more……


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