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Pad printing for profit is about smart management of the process.

Whether you manage the pad printing division at a busy plastics moulder, supervise closure printing in a packaging plant, or run a trade print shop for the promotional products market, the challenges you face are the same;

  • Your customers want high quality, durable prints
  • You need to print accurate PMS matches on a range of substrate colours and types
  • You need to deliver quality jobs, more quickly than ever, and at lower and lower prices.

With our expertise with “ink and its application”, we can help you achieve all of these things.


Smoothing your workflow and getting ahead

Pad printing is a complex process that requires balance between the plate, ink, pad and press to achieve a prefect print. If any one is ‘out’ (a shallow plate for example) even the best operator will struggle to produce a quality job in a timely manner – and that costs you money.

At Colour Components we understand these issues because we have faced them first hand in our award winning trade printing division. We know from experience that once you get these critical elements; ink, machinery, pad and plate, working together, production will flow more easily, efficiently and be more profitable. This is what we learned;

A quality ink system is the cornerstone of an efficient printroom. Printcolor inks have the highest colour opacity of any on the market, ensuring bright accurate colour matching, excellent coverage, and will produce durable prints on a range of substrates from stress toys and automotive parts, to glassware and ceramics. Since we found Printcolor inks, we have never used anything else. Find out more about Printcolor High Performance Inks.

Your printing press plays a critical role in maintaining the print ‘balance’. You only need to see one in operation to appreciate why we recommend TOSH pad printing machinery. Justin Causby from Wigston’s Lures (Hobart) says “Since installing our Logica 01 our hourly production rate on three colour jobs has doubled. It’s made such an immediate difference to our work flow that we quickly decided to retire our old Morlock printer and install a second TOSH machine”. TOSH machines are beautifully engineered to deliver cost effective, efficient production for any application. Read about TOSH Pad Printers.

Like you, we quickly tired of paying top dollar for imported printing pads that were not always up to standard. Often they were a bit past their shelf life, or not available in the shape we wanted, or the right hardness, or the ‘agent’ just didn’t have enough in stock to fill our order. Very frustrating! So we decided to make our own. After several years and a truck load of money (over $25,000) invested in R&D, we can truthfully say we have a pad range every bit as good, and in some ways better, than the best European brands. We call them Maestro pads because they put you back in control of print quality…. tacky, but TRUE. See the range of Maestro Printing Pads.

Another critical element in finding your printing ‘balance’ is your plate. If you haven’t found a pad printing plate that performs as it should, one that everyone in your printroom can use with confidence, and doesn’t cost you a fortune, you need to check out our PRO Series pad printing plates. We have a range of water and alcohol wash plates suited to all machine types and applications, as well as a new range of laser etch plates. If you already have a favorite plate we’ll probably have that too. We stock all mainstream plates types, and specialist plate types, but all at fraction of the price you are currently paying! Find out more about PRO Series Printing Plates.


What we can do for you

At Colour Components, our people know their stuff, because they have spent time in a commercial print room testing everything we sell – everything from ink mixing sticks to high speed TOSH printing machinery. When you have a question about a tricky job, or are having production problems, we welcome your call. You’ll talk to people with a high level of technical expertise, with a strong working knowledge of how to run pad printing ink, plates and machinery under a wide range of conditions. You can even send us a sample of that hard-to-print product. We’ll run ink adhesion tests, develop a jig, even put it on a machine if that is what it takes to figure out the solution you need to say “yes” with confidence, to that next big printing order.


Contact us, we’re ALWAYS happy to help.

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