Why Consider Using Printcolor Graphic Screen Printing Inks?

Well let us give you our take on the why and then you can make up your own mind!

We talk to a lot of printers about getting right ink for their screen printing projects, and with good reason… The ink you use makes a world of difference to your work. Get the right ink and you can produce more, with greater consistency and quality, in less time, and for less money.

Are you working too hard?
Change your ink… and change your business!

Clearly, with so much at stake, you want to choose wisely and the first thing you should know is that ink brands ARE different.

We often talk to people who are doing a tremendous amount of unnecessary and time-consuming work, not realising that their ink was often the source of their problems. They just thought that some jobs could be… well… difficult. Once we matched their project, or production-line, with the right ink for the job, efficiency (and profits!) went up immediately. And stress levels fell. Leading Swiss ink manufacturer Printcolor, has developed a wide range of high performance UV and solvent screen printing inks formulated to run well on the press, be easy to use, ecologically friendly, and versatile in high demand production environments.

What we’re sharing comes
from YEARS of hands-on experience.

If you want to REALLY know about ink, you need to talk to someone who has used it on a daily basis. Here at Colour Components, the information we are sharing with you comes from years of hands-on experience running a successful trade printing business – one of Australia’s most awarded, with industry craftsmanship awards at both state and national levels. In doing so we have tried a lot of different inks, from many manufacturers, in all kinds of applications. So you could say that when it comes to ink, we have ‘been around the block’.

Our own experiences (together with feedback from our customers) has led us to sell only one brand: Printcolor High Performance Inks, which are made in Switzerland. As well as our own practical knowledge, as exclusive agent we have the expertise of Printcolor’s many technicians and chemists on call — so you can count on us to be here for you with the right advice and answers to any questions you may have.

Here are our reasons for feeling so confident that you too will get such good value from Printcolor inks …

Real, measurable value for money.

If you’ve been screen printing for a while, you may already suspect that using cheap ink can actually costs you more. The time you lose struggling with colour accuracy, or messing around with different additives to keep the ink running ‘just right’, all eat away at your profit. And over time, it hurts.

None of that happens with a high quality ink, and that is the major reason why we recommend Printcolor products.

Indeed, we have clients who’s total ink-bill dropped dramatically when they made the change to Printcolor… literally by thousands of dollars per year. The reason? With Printcolor, you get increased efficiency and more profitable work done — and you’ll use less to do it.

Higher opacity than any other ink on the market
gives you solid colour accuracy.

Put simply screen printing inks are made up of pigment and binder. Pigment is expensive and some manufactures maintain their product price point by using less of it in their formulations leaving you, the printer, to struggle with the weak colour results.

Mmmmm, we have all been there… Your client wants you to print yellow on a black background, you have three options:

1) Recommend they don’t do it because you know the yellow won’t cover well enough to give the bright yellow print expected — which just makes you look like you haven’t the expertise to do the job.

2) Do it anyway and hope the customer doesn’t reject it — which can damage your relationship with your client.

3) Waste time putting down a white first — which turns it into a two colour print job, when you can only competitively quote for one.


We found years ago that Printcolor ink puts an end to all that. Printcolor inks are pigment rich, giving them amazingly high opacity. That means you get beautifully accurate, solid, pleasing colour, every time. And, because Printcolor use the best quality pigments, their Mixing System only requires 13 colours to mix ANY PMS, HKS or RAL shade – not the 16 plus colours you may need on the shelf with other brands.

Your customers will appreciate the quality work you produce, and the price you can do it for – which helps to ‘bullet proof’ your relationships against competitors, ensuring a more stable, secure business.

Mix Once. Get it right.

Strong, rich colours are only part of the story. The other reason we like Printcolor screen printing inks so much is that mixing accurate PMS colours is a breeze.
Printcolor take care to formulate accurate mixing recipes for PMS, HKS and RAL colour reference systems and to keep them up to date. If you do strike a colour not in our database, we can have the recipe formulated in as little as 24 hours – no problem.

Best of all the colour mix database is freely available to you right here our website, for all the Printcolor ink systems – check out our Colour Recipe Calculator.

Our database will not only give you the colour breakdown in percentages, it will also generate a recipe in grams – so all you have to do is mix it up. No more guessing, adjusting or re-mixing, and it will free your experience tradesmen from the colour mixing bench so they can get on with printing your high-value work.

Easy to use. Easy to Change. Seriously.

Many screen printers are reluctant to change ink brands, as they think it may be difficult or costly. Maybe it’s better the devil you know… It is actually the opposite. Changing to Printcolor won’t cost you money, and it’s easy. Amazingly so.
For starters, you wont have to waste what’s left of your old ink brand. You’ve paid money for that! In most cases you can use up what is left of your old brand with your new Printcolor mixing system – although, once you experience how easy Printcolor is to use, you may just end up putting that old brand in the bin anyway… we did!

We often hear back from delighted customers who have struggled with a print issue in the past, who tell us “ I just mixed it up the way you said, put it in the press, and it worked!”
Well frankly, that’s the way it OUGHT to be!

A clean bill of health (and safety!)

Australian occupational health and safety regulations for exposure to chemicals and heavy metals are often set at minimum world standards. But, as with everything else Printcolor do, they don’t aim for the minimum on health and safety.
Printcolor are deeply committed to workplace safety and the environment. Their inks are BVQI (ISO 9001) certified to be free of heavy metals, chlorinated and brominated organic compounds, organic tin, asbestos and formaldehyd. Under stringent European standards these inks are acceptable for printing toys, and many have Certificate IV clearance for use in pharmaceutical and surgical product applications.

In fact, keeping pace with world best practice and legislative requirements is one of Printcolor’s strengths. Printcolor was the first manufacturer to produce a low migration UV ink for food and cosmetic packaging compliant with both the Nestle Guidance Note and the recently enacted Swiss Ordinance for UV Packaging Inks which is set to become a template for worldwide standards on acceptable chemical migration levels from printing inks.
Safe inks are good for the people in your printroom, they give your clients confidence in the safety of their printed products, and have less impact on our environment. Printcolor can give you this.

Specialist screen printing ink.

One of the many things we like about Printcolor… they don’t try and kid you with generic formulations. Printcolor make an excellent range of universal screen printing inks that you will use for most of your day to day printing, but they also make highly specialised inks too. These include low migration UV inks for food packaging, inks to print scratch-off and signature panels, embellishing varnishes, and a highly developed range of security inks for ID and credit card printing – to name a few.

Printcolor make the RIGHT ink for the job. And it shows every time you use it.

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