Printcolor 712 ink

Series 712 Pad Printing Ink

Printcolor 712 is a one component ink for printing untreated polypropylene.

Upgrade to Printcolor high quality inks; change to Series 712 if you are using Marabu PP or Coates PP

The official technical stuff from Printcolor 
Series 712 highly opaque, low-gloss pad printing ink for industrial and commercial marking and branding treated and un-treated polypropylene plastic and its co-polymerisates.  Printcolor 712 is formulated from highly chemical and abrasion resistant synthetic resins making it suitable for demanding indoor and short to medium term outdoor applications.  Refer to the Technical Information and Series 712 MSDS documents for more details.

Printcolor 712 is a perfect partner for manufacturers and commercial printers who need quick drying, hard wearing, fuss free ink for printing untreated PP components and products.

What we say about Printcolor 712
If you’re printing on PP all day long, you won’t what to slow up production with flaming or fussy chemical wipes.  Especially as no one will want to pay  for your extra time!  But many printers feel that if they don’t pre-treat they’re only doing half a job, and risk a poor result.  Printcolor 712 is not a compromise.  It is  formulated to do just one thing and that is to produce excellent print adhesion on untreated PP even in high wear applications like car parts, cosmetic containers and flower pots.

Thinner: 700-017 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight for open well
Retarder: 700-018 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight

The good oil from our trade print room

  • This is a really easy ink to use, it runs well in either open ink well or closed cup machines.
  • Release form the pad is excellent, doesn’t usually need air blowing on the pad before print.
  • Super fast drying – you don’t really need a heat drying tunnel it’s so fast, just let the product air dry.
  • Adhesion is amazing, it really does just work.
  • Gloss level is very low, it produces a very matt print.
  • Comes in metal cans rather than Printcolors’ excellent plastic ones. Apparently it’s got stuff in it that is incompatible with a PE container.

Mixing recipes available in the Printcolor Colour Mix Calculator – here

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