700-018 medium retarder

Retarder – 700-018 Medium

Printcolor 700-018 is a medium retarder for pad print inks.

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Printcolor 700-018 is medium retarder suitable for use in all Printcolor pad printing inks running in closed cup or open ink well machines.  Evaporation time of the whole system can be slowed by adding 700-018 retarder.  Retarder slows drying of ink layer, lengthening transfer time where print cycles are slow, or operate under extreme operational conditions (elevated heat or humidity for example).  Printcolor 700-018 is formulated from solvents chosen to minimise chemical attack on printing pads.  Its gentle wear on pad surfaces will extend pad life and performance.

The evaporation rates of solvents in 700-018 medium retarder are combined to retain print pick-up and transfer without necessitating blow-drying / hot air ventilation of the print.  Retarding evaporation slows print transfer and lengthens touch-dry time on the substrate, for this reason adding more than 10% of 700-018 (by weight) is not advisable under normal printing conditions.   In such cases a combined use of thinners and retarders is the best way to optimise ink flow and transfer.  Refer to the Technical Information and 700-018 MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Printcolor 700-018
It is not a paint thinner, nor is it a generic slow thinner.  Printcolor 700-018 is specifically formulated to retard ink used for pad and screen printing applications.  700-018 retarder is Quality Assured to ISO 9002 Standards and offers the best value for money on the market.

Printcolor 700-018 is a universal retarder for pad and screen printing inks used to slow drying of the ink layer where more working time required.  A maximum addition of 10% by weight is recommended, over dosing with retarder may cause transfer problems and inhibit hardener curing.  700-018 is best combined with 700-017 to achieve correct ink consistency for printing.

Available in 1L cans.

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  • Adding small amounts of 700-018 is useful where the ink drys too quickly on the pad and fails to transfer. This can be an issue in process colour screens and multi colour prints, images with very fine detail or when using a shallow etch plate.
  • Used in combination with 700-017 thinner, small additions of 700-018 will help control the transfer speed of faster ink types without having to thin them to a watery consistency.

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