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Hardener – Printcolor 700 HDi

Printcolor 700 HDi is a highly reactive hardener system developed for indoor applications for use with pad and screen printing inks on plastics and metals.

The official technical stuff from Printcolor
Printcolor 700 HDi hardener is formulated for industrial/commercial printing applications intended for indoor use.  It is based on a highly reactive bonding compound that produces an extremely durable cured ink layer with high chemical and mechanical resistance.

Ideal ink partners for 700 HDi hardener  are Printcolor two component pad printing ink Series 750, Series 752 and Series 784.  HDi can also be added to Printcolor Series 711 and Series 712 to increase print durability.  Refer to the Technical Information and 700-HDi MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Printcolor 700 HDi hardener
700 HDi is a universal hardener designed to work with all Printcolor 700 Series pad printing inks and many of Printcolor screen printing inks too.  It’s quiet a reactive hardener which means printing will cure reasonably quickly making it ideal for fast throughput applications and tight print-to-pack turnarounds.  Mixing ratios of ink to HDi will vary with the on ink series your using and your end application, these are listed in the technical leaflets and on ink can labels.

Ink mixed with HDi has an average pot life of 4-8 hours depending on your ink type and ambient conditions.  Printcolor 700 HDi produces a rigid ink layer best suited to hard surfaces such as plastics and metals as it may crack if flexed or applied to soft materials (See 700-HDa for flexible applications).  HDi requires temperatures above 10 degrees C for chemical bonding to take place,  ideal curing conditions are at room temperature – 20 degrees or higher.  You can increase print durability and reduce curing time by applying heat to the printed product using a drying tunnel or oven.

The good oil from our trade print room

  • We use Printcolor 700 HDi a lot and are always confident that HDi will deliver consistent and predictable adhesion results.
  • HDi is intended for internal/indoor print applications and, due to its chemical composition, will tend to go chalky and yellow when subjected to UV from long-term outdoor exposed.
  • When curing at room temperature, we generally print and ship the next day.  Curing time can be reduced by increasing temperature either by baking or use of a heat drying tunnel.
  • Its high reactivity facilitates fast print curing, but it also means that if you don’t replace the cap after use you’ll reduce the shelf life of your hardener considerably.  Hardener going ‘off’ in the can is a complaint we hear made of all brands, but I guarantee if you routinely clean the spout and replace the cap properly after each pour, you will get full use of your can of HDi right down to the very last drop – we do.
  • DON’T use more hardener than the recommended amount.  If you overdose with hardener you will lengthen curing time and risk reducing print adhesion and durability.
  • We often add HDi to single component inks like Series 711, not for adhesion, but to give the cured ink layer greater wear resistance for demanding applications like switches and cosmetics.

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