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Printcolor 792

Series 792 Pad Printing Ink

Printcolor 792 is a two component, glossy and highly flexible pad printing ink for printing soft plastics, latex and rubberised materials..

Upgrade to Printcolor high performance inks; change to Series 792 if you are using Coates TP253.

The official technical stuff from Printcolor
Series 792 is a specialised ink system designed for pad printing flexible substrates while retaining the high chemical, UV and mechanical resistance usual in two component ink systems.   Printcolor 792 is a two component in (mix 4:1 with 700-HDA hardener) that gives exceptional adhesion on elastic and plasticized (soft) PVC materials such as soft-touch coatings and various thermo-set plastics, rigid PVC, latex, polyester coatings and many rubber, and natural or synthetic un-vulcanized materials.  A highly opaque, super glossy ink based on chemical and wear resistant resins. Printcolor 792 is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Refer to the Technical Information and Series 792 MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Printcolor 792
We like to think of 792 as a get-out-of-jail ink.  It’s not an ink most printers would need every day but it’s a star performer on soft-touch coatings and rubbery stuff, often sticking when nothing else will!  Trade printers love 792 for its glossy finish on products like stress toys, genuine leather compendiums, golf gloves and the like, and those ‘designer’ soft touch coating popular on pens, bottle openers and cosmetics.

Printcolor 792 does a fantastic job on those tricky rubbery substrates, producing a sharp, glossy, attractive and durable print.  It’s a good ink to have up your sleeve.

Hardener: addition ratio of 4:1 700-HDA hardener or 700-HDS hardener
Thinner: 700-017 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight for open well
Thinner: 700-019 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight for closed cup
Retarder: 700-018 medium retarder – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight

The good oil from our trade print room

  • 792 can be a bit tricky to get up an running until you’ve got the hang of it. It’s a very slow ink so an air blast on to the pad is essential for good transfer if your printing anything other than text and lineart.
  • Series 792 also screen prints really well.  It’s high pigment content produces exceptionally opaque prints.
  • It takes up to 4 hours to touch dry, so you have to lay out your printed product quite carefully.
  • We haven’t tried it, but some printers even use 792 on silicone materials – albeit with a bit of surface preparation and post treatment.
  • We like to use it to print stress toys.  It produces such a thick, glossy ink layer that coverage and colour is never and issue even on dark colour toys.

Mixing recipes available in the Printcolor Colour Mix Calculator – here

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