TOSH Logica 07 pad printer

TOSH Logica 07 Pad Printer

At a glance:

  • Three phase all electric operation, no compressor required just plug in and print
  • Set up for 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 colour pad printing
  • Maximum ink cup size 250mm (1 to 5 colours) / 195mm (6 colours) / 160mm (7 colours) / 130mm (8 colours) or set-up with a mixture of sizes
  • Maximum pad height 270mm
  • The Logica 07 can be configured with a product indexer, rotary table or conveyor for multi-colour printing
  • Free space under the plate holders and long print stroke allow large objects to be easily positioned for printing
  • Fast…. adjustable up to 1200 cycles / hour, with a print force of 11000 N
  • Now with an all new TOUCH SCREEN interface, cycle control and memory programming/recall is a breeze

Options: Product indexing shuttles, oval and rectilinear inclined conveyors, cross-wire doctoring system, and other TOSH ‘plug and play’ accessories.

Features: The all electric operation allows every mechanical movement to be numerically controlled for simple and precise adjustment via the computer touch screen. Independent control of all six printing stokes, pressures and delays allows printing on multiple product surface heights, programming for quick repeat set-ups, and easy operation. The Logica 07 pad printer has a vast space under the plate holders and long stroke adjustment over the product allowing decoration of large objects and easy accommodation of conveyors and other loading devices. Individually adjustable print strokes allow you to mix pad and cup sizes and easy print on varying product surface profiles in a single pass. Like all TOSH machines th Logica 07 has in-build ports for PLC interfacing with production line machinery or automation devices.

The Good Oil: The Logica 07 engineered for serious industrial printing and has many configuration options that will cover just about any application. The multifixture linear convey is a tidy option for multicolour printing on small and medium products or used for additional in-line processes while the Linear transfer with horizontal rotation axes partners well with the Logica 07 for multi-colours and additional process like pre and post treatment, or multi stage loading and unloading.

The Logica 07 is a highly flexible industrial pad printer with huge printing capacity both in throughput, image size and number of colours. It is a highly durable machine that will give you exceptional service for many years with less maintenance, noise and power consumption than a pneumatic machine or similar capacity. Like all TOSH pad printers the Logica 07 has in-built expansion capacity, allowing you to easily upgrade or reconfigure your machine with numerous TOSH accessories should new production needs arise.

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