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Tekmar TG125 Spot Cleaning Gun

TG125 Spot Cleaning Gun

The TG125 is an affordable gun with deluxe features normally found on guns costing twice as much. Included is a fully adjustable nozzle to allow use on even the most delicate fabrics with virtual ring-proof cleaning. The TG125 is a great gun for removing screen printing smudges and ink marks. It is also great for retail stores for removal of dirt, oil and make up.

The TG125 can be equipped with a Direct Feed and an Air Dryer for high speed spot cleaning.

Tekmar TG200 Spot Cleaning Gun

TG200 Spot Cleaning Gun

The TG200 has a super resilient aluminum case with double ground electrical protection. The high output silicone oscillation motor generates a powerful stream of cleaning fluid to flush out the toughest stains and soils. Plain and simple this gun is a work horse!!

Often called “old faithful” the TG200 is an updated version of the all metal classic gun design. As with the TG125 and TG300 this gun comes complete with the target adjustable nozzle. It is also available with the air dryer and direct feed hose attachments.

Tekmar TG300 Spot Cleaning Gun

TG300 Spot Cleaning Gun

We are pleased to introduce our new Spot Cleaning Gun the TARGET TG 300. This gun represents a major advancement in gun technology. The pump design incorporates a system that allows an increase in fluid stream with no increase in fluid consumption. This allows for faster, more complete cleaning, which lowers production costs and reduces the operator’s exposure time.

Tekmar TG350 Professional Spot Cleaning Gun

TG350 Pro Series Spot Cleaning Gun

The all new Target TG350 Pro Series Spot Cleaning gun is a quantum leap forward in spot cleaning technology. From it’s precision adjustable nozzle to the integrated high speed air drying system, this high power, extended cycle gun sets the standard for spot cleaning today. The heavy duty Air Cooled drive unit has enough power to remove the toughest screen printing inks, stains and oil. It’s quite run technology and weight distribution design greatly reduces operator fatigue associated with conventional guns.

Tekmar TG350 Professional Spot Cleaning Gun - nozzle detail

Tekmar TG350 Professional Spot Cleaning Gun drying nozzle detail

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