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Series 567 “Universal”

Printcolor 650

Series 650 Screen Printing Ink

Printcolor 650 is a one or two component universal screen printing ink for graphic and industrial applications.

Upgrade to Printcolor high performance Series 650 if you are using Sericol Polyscreen PS, Marabu Marapol PY, or Coates YN.

The official technical stuff from Printcolor
Printcolor 650 is a highly opaque, glossy screen printing ink based on extremely resistant basic raw materials for printing of various plastics, coatings, metals as well as Duroplasts. Series 650 has been formulated for hard wearing industrial applications and, when used in conjunction with relevant hardeners to increase chemical, mechanical and weather resistance, (i.e. Series HDA / HDS) will also give excellent long term outdoor performance.

Printcolor 650 is suitable for many substrates including soft and rigid PVC, pretreated polypropylene and polyethylene, coated polyester, PET-G, cellulose acetate, CAB, Polyolefin, coated or pre-treated polycarbonate, PMMA (pre-test), metals, aluminum (raw, anodized), composites (Alucobond, Dibond, Vekaplan VL).  Refer to the Technical Information and Series 650 MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Printcolor 650
Printcolor 650 is a versatile screen ink that performs well on a variety of substrates.   It is a great work-horse for trade screen printers because it has such a wide adhesion range on common plastics, and it does a great job on aluminium surfaces too.  Series 650 is a very stable ink in the press that rarely gives trouble, having a good pot-life of between 6-8 hours (depending on colour and conditions).  We find 650 a great ink for multi colour work as it mixes well with thinners and retarders, giving you excellent control of ink consistency/speed on each station and making it easier to keep all your screens open and printing cleanly.

Hardener: addition ratio of 5:1 HDa hardener or HDi hardener and up to 20% (ratio 4:1) for demanding applications)
Thinner: 017 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight
Retarder: 018 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight
Mesh: 77-55 Y PW PET 1000 up to 120-34 Y PW PET 1000

The good oil from our trade print room

  • Printcolor 650 is super popular with sports bottle printers.  It performs well in rotary screen applications and gives excellent adhesion on flamed PE bottles.

Mixing recipes available in the Printcolor Colour Mix Calculator – here

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