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Printcolor 382

Series 382 Screen Printing Ink

Printcolor 382 is a one component screen printing ink for PVCs and plastics.

Upgrade to Printcolor high performance Series 382 if you are using Sericol “Sericard CD”, Marabu “Maraflex FX”, or Rucco 31 VC

The official technical stuff from Printcolor
Series 382 was developed specifically for printing on PVC substrates used in the plastic laminating (eg. credit cards) and welding manufacturing processes. The bonding resins of 382 are formulate against discolouration during lamination and welding processes.

It is also suitable for a wide range of substrates such as rigid and flexible PVC, PVC adhesion foils, coated polyester, papers and coated surfaces. Formulated as a single component ink, Series 382 can be used with Printcolor hardeners HDA or HDR where greater mechanical, chemical or UV and outdoor resistances are required. Refer to the Technical Information and Series 382 MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Printcolor 382
Series 382 is highly suited to most point-of-sale and industrial uses on labels and stickers, sign printing, and applications in the security area for the production of identity cards, credit and telephone cards for example.  The binder composition allows a laminating or welding under high temperature without destroying the ink layer or colour. Care should be taken with use on self adhesive foils or outdoor applications because of the plasticisers in the material. As the material ages and shows fluctuations in different areas, the ink-substrate bond may be adversely affected – you should carry out your own tests to determine suitability for use on long-term projects under local conditions.

The quality of raw materials used in formulating Series 382, together with the recommended hardener (HDA or HDR) make it suitable external use or where greater mechanical and chemical resistance is required.

Hardener: 382 is a one component ink – can add 10:1 HDa hardener to increase mechanical/chemical/UV resistances. Hardener will pot life.
Thinner: 017 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 20% by weight
Retarder: 018 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 20% by weight
Mesh: 77-55 Y PW PET 1000 up to 120-34 Y PW PET 1000 (max. 43-80 Y PW PET 1000)

The good oil from our trade print room

  • Printcolor 382 is a fantastic screen ink as it gives excellent adhesion and is fast drying for easy product handling.
  • It has a very thick, elastic-like consistency straight out of the can and may take a little more thinning than other ink Series. Mix through small amounts of thinner at a time, it will reach print consistency more quickly than you may think and will go watery if you over do it.
  • Printcolor 382 runs well with your standard medium thinner (017). A pretty straight forward to use but like all fast inks, it can develop static/stringing around the print if you run it too thick.
  • It is a single component ink which is convenient as it gives you unlimited pot life.

Mixing recipes available in the Printcolor Colour Mix Calculator – here

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