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Printcolor 660

Printcolor Series 660 “Nylobag”

Printcolor 660 is a two component multi purpose ink for printing synthetic and natural textiles and fabrics.

Upgrade to Printcolor high performance Series 660 if you are using Sericol Nylobag NB or Nylotex NX, Marabu Maraflor TK, or Proell Noripol.

The official technical stuff from Printcolor
Printcolor 660 is a highly opaque, two component multi purpose screen printing printing ink for synthetic fabrics, natural textiles and soft surfaces. The high quality of raw materials used in the formulation of 660 makes it suitable where extreme mechanical, UV or chemical resistance is needed. It is based on different polyester and acrylic-resins that give it the stable gloss finish essential for outdoor applications.

A highly opaque screen printing ink for industrial and graphic applications on a wide range of synthetics like polyamide (eg nylon), polyester materials (eg trevira), and blended fabrics with both synthetic and natural components, mostly cotton. Series 660 is suited to most common fabric articles (bags, ties, umbrellas, etc.), textiles (shirts, overalls, sportswear), sun blinds, flags, pennants and sails. Printcolor 660 can also be effective on difficult materials such as synthetic rubbers, TPE, soft touch surfaces, soft PVC and different urethanes and the manufacturing of fabric labels in the thermo transfer process. Refer to the Technical Information and Series 660 MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Printcolor 660
Printcolor 660 is a versatile screen ink that performs well on textile and flexible substrates like umbrellas and tote bags tagless T-shirt branding, brief cases and travel bags. It also produces excellent results on difficult materials such as synthetic rubbers, soft PVC and urethane coatings making it perfect for pad printing leather products (real and synthetic), stress toys and soft touch coatings.

Hardener: addition ratio of 10:1 700-HDA hardener
Thinner: 700-017 thinner – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight
Retarder liquid: 700-018 universal retarder – addition ratio 10 – 15% by weight
Retarder paste: 660-06 retarder paste – addition ratio 5 – 10% by weight
Screen Mesh: 43-80 Y PW PET 1000 up to 120-34 Y PW PET 1000

The good oil from our trade print room

  • We use Printcolor 660 a lot  on compendiums because it sticks to both real leather and synthetics so you don’t have to guess what the substrate is.
  • An excellent ink for branding tagless T-shirts producing a flexible, highly durable print that will stand up to many washes.
  • 660 regularly surprises us by sticking to rubbery, slick coatings that look and feel unprintable. It’s a finish that is increasing used on designer consumer items which we are presented with more and more, so we keep a couple of 660 colours in the print room as back-up.
  • Using 660-06 as a retarder paste to keep the screen open will prevent bleeding of the printed image on fabrics, and when combined with a flash and the right retarder and thinners ratio will allow handling of a synthetic fabric product such as an umbrella very soon after printing which saves space in the shop (a BIG problem with umbrella printing!).

Mixing recipes available in the Printcolor Colour Mix Calculator – here

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